Friday, November 2, 2012


Our Halloween was a success! It started off with a late night decorating and pumpkin carving party.  Uly isn't a huge fan of carving pumpkins so his little brother Jake and I carved ours together.

Jake free handed his pumpkin; his is on the left.  Not bad for the first time free handing, eh? Mine is on the right....And I totally used a stencil! 

Our little centurion with his Harry Potter uncle!

What a cool little soldier!

Downtown Redlands is our favorite place to trick or treat! They shut down all of downtown for a few hours and all of the shops pass out candy and the people are always dressed so cute! We saw a few knights, but no Roman Centurions! This is our second year in a row with no copy cat costumes, yay! 

Now this kid.  See that sword? See his tenuous grasp on it? Yeah, that sword got left right there.  We realized it when we went to put him into the car across the street and on the OTHER side of the parking lot.  Guess who got run in her flip flops to see if it was still there? Yeah, this girl.  My calves are still sore; but call it a Halloween miracle - the sword was still there! 

This is Bubba's haul! Not too bad for a 3 year old! It's since been hidden away where Mama can sneak pieces from it when he's not looking (Wedding diet? What diet?!) and for rewards when he's good.  Yup, we bribe and we are not ashamed to admit it! 

Hope everyone's Halloween was as good as ours!

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