Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween time!

We're a Halloween loving family, but you wouldn't know if it you just looked at Uly and I on Halloween.  Every year we swear we're going to dress up with Bubbahs and every year we leave it until the last minute and don't get costumes together in time! Next year, I swear...

One thing we have managed to do is visit our local Pumpkin Patch, which is so adorable.  It's a family owned thing and they have tons of bounce houses, a quad "train" that takes the kids around the property and a huge corn maze.  It's relatively affordable and hopefully will be a tradition for many years to come! 

Tomorrow is the big deal - trick or treating.  Uly's a lucky duck and had all of his classes canceled so he gets to take Bubbahs and his little brother Jacob trick or treating downtown Redlands while I get to go to a 3 hour Biology lab.  Ah, the life of the student! 

Happy Halloween, and stay safe out there! 

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